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Where to Stay in and Around Silverstone for the British Grand Prix

Wondering where to stay for the British Grand Prix? We’ve got you covered! Here you’ll find hotels near Silverstone, self-catering options and – the most popular choice for most – Silverstone campsites.

We have provided reviews for Silverstone hotels and campsites where possible and also encourage you to leave your own to help other F1 fans.

Scroll through the different options below to find the right British Grand Prix accommodation for you.

Silverstone Campsites

Camping is one of the most popular options at Silverstone, mainly because it’s so cost-effective compared to the other options. Plus, Silverstone camping is an experience unlike any other! Here are the best options if you’re planning on camping near Silverstone.

Please also leave your own reviews for each of the Silverstone campsite you’ve experienced to help other F1 fans make the best choice.

Hotels Near Silverstone

Silverstone hotels nearby are few and far between, and usually cost a pretty penny, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a luxury stay when visiting the British Grand Prix! Here are some of the best hotels near Silverstone.

Don’t forget to leave a review of any Silverstone hotels you’ve stayed in, to help other F1 fans. Thank you!

Silverstone Self-Catering Options

Looking for Silverstone apartments and other self-catering options? Like hotels, these can work out expensive, but they’re great if you’re not a huge fan of camping.

Please note that reviews aren’t available for self-catering options, please visit the booking page of each to check visitor reviews.

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